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Hattrick Press

7-6-2014 EEH Tournament, the biggest tournament in hattrick universe

In this HT-Press we are going to talk about a tournament that is being played every season in the Escuela Ercanto Hattrick Federation, a tournament that has three series more than spanish HT league system, with an outstanding number of eleven leagues!

1488 переглядів Автор websquirtle

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6-8-2014 Me, my wife and Hattrick

Pesnik describes once again his struggle to balance Hattrick, his wife's temper and his physical integrity. Apparently, only two elements can be in balance at the same time. Enjoy!

3457 переглядів Автор Pesnik

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4-29-2014 New staff system - what should I pick?

What specialists should you choose for your team? Let's find out together.

9767 переглядів Автор artod

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4-23-2014 I play Hattrick since it was born!

Not myself, of course, although it took quite some time for me too, but this time I want to share an interview, which was done for the local press in Lithuania – I prepared a series of articles about how Hattrick changed over time (you can call it evolution), how Lithuanian league and language came to be and how our local players started it off in the beginning (you can find those articles just by selecting Lithuania in the dropdown on your right). I’m sure most of you are also interested in how the game itself has started – in HT-Bjorn’s mind back in gloomy old days of 1997. Only a handful of players who started playing back then still remain in the game and one of them is GM-Ambient (1430)– a Norwegian guy, who plays in Sweden, would you believe that! Of course, he’s not the worst pick to ask about things, quite the opposite - his time being GM in a game surpasses the time most of us play the game. So let’s hear what he had to say about this wonderful game of ours :)

3830 переглядів Автор GM-CorPuS

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3-25-2014 HT-Gusy: "I miss latin music and dancing"

This is a Meet&Greet interview, put together by the Ht-Global editors, written by artod together with HT-Gusy (272466), a Venezuelan girl who is working as a developer for hattrick (a Swedish-based football manager game).

5322 перегляди Автор artod

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2-27-2014 Hattrick Masters. The winner takes it all. Interview with Sa Bur.

Sa Bur (2718983) - Ukraininan HT-Legend reached Hattrick Masters quarterfinal in 2010 and disappeared for 10 seasons to be back to win this golden trophy. Do you wanna know how he made it? If that's the case, you have to read this interview!

5624 перегляди Автор Salnas

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1-18-2014 Hattrick and wives - two poems

Hattrick is a way of life,
Can't mention it to my wife.

6502 перегляди Автор Pesnik

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1-4-2014 HT-Survey 2.0: The results!

In Hattrick Backstage federation (108435) we have seen over the years the users of the game becoming much more demanding. This is one of the reasons why the HT’s should be careful when deploying applications, because criticism is lurking around the corner. But is any decision condemned a priori? The answer to that question is what we were looking for when we launched the "HT Survey 2.0”. (16317422.1)

We opened our survey in July and left it open for a few weeks so users could give their opinion. The number of participants exceeded our expectations, with almost a thousand managers who made their contribution. We gave them a list of 71 changes / modifications / applications to assess, on a scale of 0 to 5. Here we give you, the community, the results of additional analysis.

6173 перегляди Автор Zoldon

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12-23-2013 Interview with Kozzy1701

Are you tired of routine of Hattrick? Are you looking for somethink new? Or maybe you just love this game so much, that you want to experience everything? If yes, just read this interview and you will learn about something, you, probably, didn't heard earlier. Also, this is the interview with intresting person, so... lets meet Kozzy1701 (5314186)

5281 перегляд Автор Martynas_

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12-7-2013 The standard system for National Teams

The following article has been written for the Slovenian community and published as an HT press in Slovenia (16168). It is now translated (by Antoine_de_le_Tellec (3308938) and artod (11112383)) and republished in the hope that it could be interesting for global readers.

The basic premise for this piece is that National Teams use multiskilled players who can optimise total team ratings (without being bound by training constraints as we experience at club level). I am going to explain how such players are combined to fully exploit their contribution, to help understand how multiskilled players support each other. I will also explain variations experienced when National teams switch coach between attack and defence minded, to illustrate tactical variations. The theory suggested is supported by the evidence provided from the National Team matches: the teams playing in the later stages of the World Cup usually follow the main principles described here.

I refer to a Standard System and its variations (which is intentionally related to the Standard Model in physics). This is also known as ercanto, Jestar and many other names. It’s a well known module,discussed at length by the worldwide tactical experts. This article is intended to benefit less experienced managers, to show how, without having amazing tactical genius, and just good planning, common sense and the basic principles described here, a medium-low level National Team like Slovenia (with less than 4000 active users) has been able to win the silver medal in the World Cup.

Disclaimer: the article talks about National Teams, but the vast majority of its concepts is true also for U20 Teams.

How to play a game? How to tactically challenge the best players in the world? It’s easier than you think – most of the time, small details make the difference.

5784 перегляди Автор artod

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